Bookmarks Week 16/2024

‘Why should I self-manage, isn’t this my manager’s job? In theory yes, in practice things are a bit more nuanced. We sometimes forget that we’re not the only report our manager has. Besides managing multiple people, a manager’s plate is filled with a myriad of behind-the-scenes duties that are often unseen by their teams.’ Great article on self management by Irina Stanescu on Substack.

A big curated list of product management video’s from Paweł Huryn on his Notion. is an ai powered stock photo website. It claims to have the best free stock photos and royalty free images. Powered by robots everywhere. No more boring Unsplash stock! is a cloud-based performance monitoring solution for websites. It is built on top of Core Web Vitals and User Timings API, providing real user performance monitoring for websites. It helps to identify bottlenecks, understand and improve the performance of your websites. Real-User Monitoring (RUM) tracks customer experience in real time and gives you the most accurate data about your website performance.

Web Vitals score affects SEO rankings. Loado can help improve page load times and thus increase search rankings.