Bookmarks week 15/2023

Sasha Petrov on Medium writes about product discovery and ways to involve a team in continuous product discovery. Maintaining continuity in the discovery process, communicating insights regularly, and working collaboratively can help your team empathize with your users more and ultimately build better products. The article has nice tips about the use of chatgpt and empathy maps.

5 ways to involve your team in continuous product discovery

An article from AKF Partners that explains productmanagement to C-level. Product-focused companies build products and services with a user-centric approach fuelled by data, working iteratively with small empowered teams and striking a good balance between focus and agility. At its heart, a product-centric approach focuses on outcomes not outputs. The success of a great product team can easily be measured through the value it creates for the company. This is very different from a project-led approach which is based on outputs (stuff being built) which as an approach is often more expensive and less successful.

CEO guide to product

Tom Critchlow writes on SEO MBA about the extremely unhelpful “black box” mental model for a search engine optimization (SEO) program. SEO is actually a cross-functional program where most of the SEO success comes from activity outside of the SEO team. Input metrics are how you manage an SEO Program.

Input Metrics for SEO