Bookmarks week 12/2024

The Ultimate Guide to Homepages, a Substack post by Anthony Pierri. Anthony claims that the purpose of your homepage is to drive potential customers to take an action. And that as companies grow in size, their homepage message clarity often deteriorates.

The ultimate guide to homepages

LinkedIn offers 250 AI courses for free, which span seven languages, through April 5 to help people across industries, roles, and levels invest in themselves and navigate this moment. 

250 free ai courses

Being empowered can make all the difference in doing a great job. Sadly, not all product people have the authority they need. Roman Pichler explains what empowerment in product management really means.

Empowerment levels in product management

Marty Cagan is interviewed in a podcast by Lenny Rachitsky. He’s the author of two foundational books for product teams and product leaders (Inspired and Empowered) and founder of Silicon Valley Product Group. End of March 2024 he’s releasing his new book, Transformed. Cagan talks about program managers skills and new competencies required for successful product teams.

Product Management Theater Marty Cagan